Aug 07

Vidicode Call Recorder Apresa VoIP, TDM and Analogue

The Call Recorder Apresa is a scalable call recording solution for TDM , VoIP and/or Analogue lines. Developed around the concept that all functionality should be built in, the Apresa offers everything you can expect from a professional, affordable recording solution. Apresa is also available as a ‘Software only’ solution.

Users and Administrators access the recorder through a web browser. Playback of recordings is done in standard media players. Key features like Search calls (by Name, Number or ID), E-mailing calls and Screen recording are easily controlled. The built-in Statistics functions give a quick insight in the telephone traffic.

The use of standard applications guarantees a short implementation time. The Apresa will quickly prove to be a valuable tool in your organisation, with a high Return On Investment.


• Records calls from Analogue lines, SIP extensions or trunks and from other VoIP extensions and TDM Lines.
• Screen recording client software (included)
• Store on demand (audio & screen) using the included client software
• Free seating
• Statistics for analysis in graph or .csv
• Quick and easy search interface
• Multi level access for groups and individual users
• User assignable search restrictions
• Automatic backup to NAS (Network Attached Storage)
• Call commenting
• Fingerprinting MD5, SHA-1
• Encryption (HTTPS)
• Administrators ability to delete recordings
• Raid 1 or Raid 5 option
• Automatic system check

Visit the Apresa web portal or the Apresa product page on this website for more information, or call our sales department at +31(0)79 3471010