Smart Voice VoIP Recorder

With the current paradigm shift towards the VoIP communication technology, SmartVoice offers a wide range of powerful & dynamic VoIP call recording solutions. Our product builds on the success of our highly acclaimed PowerRec server, which has been highly customized to capitalize on the advantages of the VoIP technology. We constantly strive to upgrade our products and offer our customers the best value for their money and closely work with them to provide tailor-made solutions.

Utilitarian Features

Dynamic System Design – We closely study the market trends and constantly upgrade our products to stay at the forefront of the call recording industry. As a result, we are able customize our products to virtually every existing PABX system in the market.

Universal Compatibility – Our passive recording solutions are compatible with a wide range of Digital, Analog, T1/E1 & VoIP connections and can be employed without acquiring software license from the PABX supplier.. So, you can choose different channel types and easily integrate our product into your IT environment.

Low Cost – Our software based design eliminates the need for expensive telephony cards and requires less resources.

Unobtrusive Call Recording – Our passive recording solutions simple sniff the packets from the mirror port without interfering with the actual conversation.

Well renowned Software Package – You can benefit from our highly acclaimed PowerRec software and server which enable you to search”, “store” and “manage” the calls in a easy and convenient manner.

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