Smart Voice Recorder

SmartVoice PowerRec is an award winning digital multi-channel voice recording system that enables you to record telephone communications in a quick, easy and reliable manner. Our systems have been deployed in thousands of call centers, trading markets and other areas and have been proven to dramatically improve business performance and productivity. Unlike other companies, we offer the entire hardware-software solutions package inclusive of the recording server, client software, voice cards and PCI cards at a very affordable price.

Powerful & Productive Features

1.  Universal Compatibility –  Our products can be employed in virtually any environment including T1/E1 connections, VoIP, all types of Analog lines & Digital PABX connections; and various trigger modes including on/off hook, VOX, DTMF, Event trigger, CTI real time data & CDR capture.

2.  Superior Digital Performance – Our servers use advanced compression techniques to digitize and compress incoming voice packets and archive them on various media storage devices within the server and the network

3.  Versatile Playback Options – The calls can be stored in various formats including the industry standard G.729 format and can be accessed through the web or local/mobile telephone networks.

4.  Dynamic Search Options including incoming  caller ID, DTMF, time, date, agent ID & custom made notes

5. Intelligent Disk management – Automatic disk management without human intervention. Default option overwrites oldest records

6. Safe & Secure Data Storage – We adopt stringent security measures to ensure data protection.

Customer-Defined Features

1. Low cost – We recognize the budget constraints of our customers and small contact centers and hence offer a unique combination of hardware and software packages for you to choose from.

2. Flexible & Universally Compatible – Our products are universally compatible and can be  easily integrated into your IT environment. So, you do not have to invest in additional software/hardware to ensure compatibility.

3. Easy to Install & Use – Our design is highly customer centric and our products can be installed within a few hours. Moreover, our products are user-friendly, so you do not have to spend  a lot of time time to train your employees in using them.

4. Safe & Secure – Apart from offering basic password protection, we offer different privileges rights to different users in the call center environment – administrator, user, agent and auditor.

Potential Applications & Benefits

1. Call Evaluation – As they say, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Our recording solution provides you with an invaluable and concrete tool that lets you evaluate and monitor the customer interactions, agent performance, and overall quality of customer service.

2. Agent Evaluation & Training – Train your employees by using real life examples and playing back demonstrative high quality customer interactions.

3. Regulatory & Legal Compliance – In today’s complex world, it has become increasingly necessary to record calls and other types of customer interactions for legal compliance as well as for risk minimization. Our powerful and reliable data storage lets you document and archive the calls for future reference.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction & Employee Productivity – Our products have been proven to improve overall customer satisfaction levels (through increased monitoring) and employee productivity.


Optimized & Functional Features

1.  Increased Security – Recognizing the stringent security requirements of financial and trading markets, we have adopted a number of rigorous security measures including multilevel password protected server access and secure data transmission and storage.

2. Reliable & Dedicated Servers – Our award-winning PowerRec servers are highly dependable and offer a secure storage environment for your all-important data. We even back-up your back-up, so you can be rest assured that your data will never get lost.

3. Simple User Interface – Recognizing the non-technical background of our users, we have designed our system in a very user-friendly manner. Moreover, our systems require minimal training and can be easily installed. We also offer detailed help and installation manuals along with our products.

4. Increased Risk Management  – Our system offers “Event Logs” function that helps you monitor and record the status of the system, date & time of user login, and channel status.  “System Alerts” function informs the administrator immediately in case of malfunction.

Potential Applications & Benefits

1. Call Documentation – It has become an increasingly common practice in the financial services industry to record and document the calls and other communications. In some cases, it has even been adopted as a legal and regulatory standard.

2. Reduced Risk & Liability – By storing the calls, you can avoid the inherent risk present in voice communications and provide concrete evidence in case of litigation and other legal matters.

3.  Dispute Resolution – You can amicably resolve internal as well as external disputes arising due to communication gaps and misinterpretation. You can leverage on the concrete evidence (original communication) in case of critical disputes and disagreement

4. Verification of Important Data – Our system enables you to reconfirm, document and verify the important financial and trading transactions data for future reference.

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