Smart Voice Active VoIP Recording

With more and more companies and call centers moving towards Active VoIP recording, SmartVoice offers a unique software-based recording solution that is both efficient and cost effective. Unlike passive sniffing which copies the network packets to the recording server, active recording simply captures the packets from the switch and related communication servers. Hence, active VoIP recording eliminates the need for expensive hardware and network resources.

System Features & Benefits

Direct Integration with PABX (Avaya): Our active-recording products can be integrated directly with Avaya Communication Manager and do not require any additional hardware. This feature also ensures a comprehensive capture and analysis of call and agent details.

Less Customization & Maintenance: Our tailor made active-recording solutions make installation, troubleshooting and maintenance simple and less time-consuming.

Reliable & Efficient: Our software-only design coupled with the intrinsic simplicity of active recording help improve the reliability and efficiency of call recording.

Technical Specifications

Supports various protocols like Skinny, RTP, SIP, H.323.MGCP, MiNet among others

Supports various RTP encoding formats including G7.11 A/mu law, G.723.1 & G.729A

Support available for numerous Analog (Telephone & Microphone), Trunk (E1/T1) & Digital PABX interfaces.

Supports 4 – 200 channels and offer more than 100,000 hours of channel storage

19 inch Rack-mount server operating on Windows 2000/XP Professional/2003 Server

Multiple Recording Trigger – Voltage, DTMF, VOX, CTI

Remote Access – Client Access & Playback, Web Access & Playback & Phone playback