Nice Recording Express


NICE Recording eXpress low-cost call recording offers many value-added enterprise-grade capabilities, including:

1. Intuitive configuration and administration. uration and administration

2. Localized or centralized storage, which can incorporate several sites.

3. Simple, rapid deployment requiring less than half a day to install at a standard site, reducing IT personnel-related costs.

4. VoIP, TDM and screen recording on a single commercial off-the-shelf server to optimize investment in existing technology.

5. State of the art, web-based application whose small footprint reduces facility costs.


NICE Recording eXpress supports nearly every type of PBX, including D-channel and CTI integrations. Its wideranging search criteria enable easy call retrieval and replay for quality management or dispute resolution, and its secure storage possibilities, including archival to local or remote media, ease access in case of investigation or litigation. The system deploys quickly and easily, can be maintained either locally or at a remote data center, and supports up to 200 recording channels on existing voice over IP (VoIP), time division multiplexing (TDM) and hybrid networks in a single box.

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