Nice Recorders Media Encryption

An important aspect of a system’s security is the ability to prevent undesired parties from revealing data content, even when data access control is compromised and data falls into the wrong hands.
Recognizing the need to provide advanced data protection, and in light of standards such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard and others, NICE has added a major
capability in the area of media protection by including an end-to-end media (voice and screen)
encryption capability.

NICE Media Encryption solution employs standard strong encryption algorithms and features a
robust and secure encryption keys management infrastructure. Sensitive data like the
cryptographic information used to encrypt the recorded media is transferred only over secure
channels and is stored in a secure database, which is also encrypted.
The Cryptographic Database holds the encryption keys of the media. Without these keys it is
impossible to play the media, therefore it is crucial to back up the Cryptographic Database.

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