Nice Perform Recorder


NICE Perform can scale up to support the most resource intensive environments with high volumes of call, screen and on-demand recording application activities. Supporting the largest contact centers and financial institutions worldwide, NICE Perform can start small and scale up according to growth and data center expansion.


NICE Perform offers extensive support for telephony environments including TDM, Passive and active VoIP which are delivered out-of-the-box for practically all environments. In additioan, Nice Perform supports SIP trunking environments.


For enterprises with multiple business units, multi-tenancy provides the ability to segregate business units so that neither have access to the other’s calls and call data. This functionality is provided even though the calls are stored and managed on a single system. Thus, multiple tenants can co-exist on a single capturing platform.

Cross-Channel Analytics

NICE Perform enables enterprises to capture their interactions from multiple channels, such as voice (including mobile), email and instant messaging. With an open architecture for capturing multi-channel interactions, NICE Perform provides a single holistic platform for cross-channel interactions analysis, i.e. generating business insight based on analyzing interactions from the various channels together.

Real-Time Speech Analytics

NICE Perform Release 4.1 extends the power of NICE Interaction Analytics to provide real-time support when the customer is on the phone with the agent. With real-time call categorization and real-time insight, contact center managers or automated system can take immediate action to make a positive impact during the call itself, such as correcting dissatisfaction issues.

Real-Time Impact

NICE Perform Release 4.1 enables achieving immediate business impact from business insight with capabilities for real-time agent guidance, process automation and real-time sales decisioning.

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