Aug 30

Nice Call Quality Monitoring

NICE Perform includes an advanced Call Quality Monitoring Web-based portal that provides each user an on-line summarized, fully personalized view of the contact center’s main activities upon log-in to the system. Based on predefined privileges and personal needs, any user in the organization can decide what information will be accessed in the portal, and where it will be located on the screen. The NICE GUI enables user customizations of the My Universe portal to include business defined rules such as a KPI display showing AHT, ASA, calls transferred, etc. This customization will assist customers with easy identification of calls above or below standard.

My Universe is composed of different components displaying up-to-date data culled from the wealth of information accumulated by NICE systems. Each component enables users to look into the data provided by NICE systems from a different perspective. Some components are relevant to high level business managers who want a quick glance at the overall level of performance in the site. Other components are relevant to supervisors who want to see how well the agents that they supervise are performing. Further, there are components that are relevant to agents who can see how well they are performing compared to their colleagues over a period of time.

Call Quality Evaluation