Multi-channel Interaction Analytics

Every day, customer service departments handle thousands of interactions. Customers calling, emailing, chatting, tweeting and using their voice to express their needs, wishes, intentions and emotions. These customer interactions are a goldmine of insight, helping you get closer to the customers.

Every interaction, happening over any communication channel is an opportunity for your business to improve productivity, customer loyalty or revenue growth. At that Decisive Moment during the interaction you have a window of opportunity to lead the interaction toward the optimal result. The ability to leverage those opportunities across millions of customer interactions is what enables service organizations to provide exceptional service.

NICE Interaction Analytics transforms the thousands of multi-channel interactions your customer service department handles each day into actionable business decisions in real time using post-call analysis.

With Nice Interaction Analytics, customer can;

  • Listen to and analyze all of your customers’ past and current activities
  • Understand what drives your customers to contact the contact center
  • Accurately predict which of your customers is about to churn or buy a product/service
  • Identify the most effective best practices, what works and why
  • Highlight each agent’s knowledge and skill gaps

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