Jun 02

How to choose a voice recorder

It may not be easy for those who are tasked to choose a voice recorder for the first time.

First you need to identify those phones that need recording, the quantity and the phone model. This is important because for extension side recording, the price will vary with the number of recorded phones. The voice recorder selected must be able to record the digital or VoIP phone in the same box.

The recordings will first be in the hard disk, which typically 1TB in today’s standard, either Raid-1 or Raid-5.

 Recorded calls can be archived into Removable Disk Cartridge or Network Archived Storage depending on the company’s call retention policy.

Ease of Call search is of primary importance in choosing a voice recorder. Typical search criteria are caller’s number, dialled digits, duration, date and time.

For Call Centre and Trading environment, one can opt for CTI integration for call retrieval via agent ID or trader’s ID.

With API integration, calls can also be retrieved by reference number and so on.

Today’s technology also allow call search by word spotting and emotion.

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