Jan 26

Feature Phone Also Records your Meetings or Dictation

The FeaturePhone 175 SD has a built-in highly sensitive microphone allowing the user not only to record telephone calls but also use the FeaturePhone 175 SD as meeting or desktop dictation recorder, if needed even with an optional desktop microphone.

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Aug 05

Nice Recorders Media Encryption

An important aspect of a system’s security is the ability to prevent undesired parties from revealing data content, even when data access control is compromised and data falls into the wrong hands.
Recognizing the need to provide advanced data protection, and in light of standards such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard and others, NICE has added a major
capability in the area of media protection by including an end-to-end media (voice and screen)
encryption capability.

NICE Media Encryption solution employs standard strong encryption algorithms and features a
robust and secure encryption keys management infrastructure. Sensitive data like the
cryptographic information used to encrypt the recorded media is transferred only over secure
channels and is stored in a secure database, which is also encrypted.
The Cryptographic Database holds the encryption keys of the media. Without these keys it is
impossible to play the media, therefore it is crucial to back up the Cryptographic Database.

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Jul 13

Single Channel VoIP Call Recorder

The Call Recorder VoIP brings Voice over IP recording technology within reach of even the smallest application. The Call Recorder VoIP can be used to record one IP phone on your desk or record multiple (up to 4) IP channels. This makes the Call Recorder VoIP the ideal solution for small to intermediate recording applications.

As soon as you install the Call Recorder VoIP the recording software supplied will store all calls in a comprehensive database including all available data such as; date and time, duration, phone numbers, call direction etc..  This makes sure that recordings can be found quickly when needed, even in a database with thousands of calls.

Whether you are a single user, small practice, mid-size enterprise or even a Call Center; the Call Recorder VoIP (or multiple units) offers great functionality for a very limited investment.

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Apr 22

Nice Recording Express – Reliability counts

The Nice Recording Express recording system is a reliable and future-proofed recording solution ideal for the small-to-midsize enterprise to capture, store, retrieve and play back voice, radio and data communications.

It can be used in traditional or IP telephony environments to deliver high quality recordings for all applications including verification and compliance, dispute resolution, training and quality monitoring. The industry leading technology built into Nice Recording Express is used by the world’s leading financial institutions, governmental and public safety organisations, and call centres. By taking advantage of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and customer provided network storage devices, this award-winning solution provides unsurpassed functionality while reducing a firm’s total cost of ownership.

call centre voice recorder

Nice Recorder for Back Office and Call Centre

Mar 05

What are the business facing challenges today?

1. How can we ensure that our calls are recorded?

2. How can we use call recording to improve our service?

3. Can we install and maintain without high cost?

4. How can we ensure that we are PCI compliant?

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Sep 15

Recording of Soft phones

Vidicode’s Oygo Call Recording solution uses advanced technology to record from virtually any headset / Soft-Phone combination. Oygo automatically stores all recordings on your PC. The software displays the recording archive as searchable list. The recording properties like date and time of the recording are stored with the actual recording and can be viewed in the archive.

Recordings can be played back, e-mailed, exported or copied to other archives. Advanced searches can be made to find recordings quickly or to get a clear picture of the amount of recordings. Archives can be combined in one database for supervisors or group managers. For security reasons recordings can be stored encrypted or protected against unauthorised playback or deletion with a password. This Call Recording solution can be used in any kind of organisation or small business.

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Jun 10

Voice Recorder Exhibition

Visit us at CommunicAsia 2014, 17-20th June 2014 @ Marina Bay Sands.

May 16

Nice Workforce Management


For more than two decades NICE IEX Workforce Management (WFM) has led the market in product innovation by offering the most complete and configurable solution on the market; thereby, attracting the world’s largest community of exacting WFM professionals. NICE IEX WFM is further sought after because the solution engages employees across an organization. Our customers describe the value of NICE IEX WFM across two dimensions:


1. Solution Configurability

NICE IEX WFM offers the flexibility to fit forecasting and scheduling to specific environments. The solution puts maximum control in the hands of the WFM professional, so they can enjoy the confidence of precision forecasting. As business needs and customer demands change, NICE IEX WFM makes it easy to adjust forecasts and service levels in real-time.

2. Employee Engagement

A WFM solution can only drive business impact if it is widely adopted. It needs to engage both the WFM professional and frontline users. WFM professionals value the control offered by the solution and frontline users engage with simple tools to manage schedules, request time off, bid for shifts and track their performance.

That is why more than one million users log into NICE IEX WFM every day. These strengths are reinforced in NICE IEX WFM 6.2. This release is NICE’s most tested and robust solution to date, with specific tools and terminology for contact centers, back office and branches. While NICE IEX WFM can operate as a standalone solution, it serves as a foundational component of NICE’s broader Workforce Optimization platform.

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Apr 15

Nice Interaction Analytics

Every day, customer service departments handle thousands of interactions. Customers calling, emailing, chatting, tweeting and using their voice to express their needs, wishes, intentions and emotions. These customer interactions are a goldmine of insight, helping you get closer to the customers.

Every interaction, happening over any communication channel is an opportunity for your business to improve productivity, customer loyalty or revenue growth. At that Decisive Moment during the interaction you have a window of opportunity to lead the interaction toward the optimal result. The ability to leverage those opportunities across millions of customer interactions is what enables service organizations to provide exceptional service.

NICE Interaction Analytics transforms the thousands of multi-channel interactions your customer service department handles each day into actionable business decisions in real time using post-call analysis.

Nice Interaction Solution Benefits

1. Improve operational efficiency by optimizing average handle time, reducing call volume, and increasing efficiency of debt collection activities.

2. Enhance the customer experience by improving first contact resolution, and discovering the root causes of customer dissatisfaction.

3. Improve quality processes by automatically analyzing up to 100 percent of your customer interactions, identifying customers who require attention, and evaluating agents based on defined business goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

4. Increase customer loyalty by predicting, and preventing customer churn

5. Increase revenues by improving cross-sell and up-sell performance at the Decisive Moment, and by analyzing best practices

6. Gain business intelligence by tracking customer mentions of competitors, and gauging sentiments toward them

7. Comply with industry regulations, and corporate policies through script


With NICE Interaction Analytics, Customer Service Departments Can:

a. Listen to and analyze all of your customers’ past and current activities

b. Understand what drives your customers to contact the contact center

c. Accurately predict which of your customers is about to churn or buy a product/service

d. Identify the most effective best practices, what works and why

e. Highlight each agent’s knowledge and skill gaps

Oct 18

RDX Archiving for Recording Storage Solution

HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridges are removable hard disk drive (RHDD) based cartridges that combine the best features of disk and tape storage for recording solutions. HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridge are rugged, portable, removable, easy to implement and affordable.

It is based on removable disk technology that handles and operates like traditional tape media, yet has all the advantages of disk backup. It also allows for backups to be accomplished with standard Independent Software (ISV) or Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software.

Data can be archived from the recorder directly to the rugged removable cartridge. It enables on-site backup to be removed, stored and rotated off-site in an easy, safe and secure way.

HP RDX are portable, durable 2.5″ drive features include ramp loading heads, fluid dynamic bearings, inactive state spin down.