Oct 18

DVD RAM Storage Media for Voice Recording

Archiving to ‘optical disks’ (e.g. CD, DVD) is becoming obsolete.

Historically, optical disks had a place at the data storage table because it was the format that met the regulatory requirements of immutability and longevity. Certain calls needed to be stored in WORM (Write Once Read Many) data formats and be viable for decades. Optical has provided this calls archive capability for years and its cartridge form-factor enabled it to be carried off-site easily, providing a solution for DR (Disaster Recovery) as well. But things have changed.


Optical has never enjoyed the data density that magnetic storage does, so in order to keep increasing media capacity, new formats were continually developed. This required a migration of data from the old to the new format, or keeping the old technology drives to play legacy media. But migration was expensive, both in upfront costs and disruption and keeping old hardware around was also problematic, especially when it wasn’t being manufactured anymore.

Also, specifically for DVD-RAM storage, the old 2x speed DVD-RAM media cannot be used on the current 5x speed DVD-RAM drives. DVD-RAM 2x speed media is becoming difficult to get.

DVD RAM for recorder