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Oct 18

DVD RAM Storage Media for Voice Recording

DVD RAM for recorder

Archiving to ‘optical disks’ (e.g. CD, DVD) is becoming obsolete. Historically, optical disks had a place at the data storage table because it was the format that met the regulatory requirements of immutability and longevity. Certain calls needed to be stored in WORM (Write Once Read Many) data formats and be viable for decades. Optical …

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Sep 09

Vidicode Single Line USB Call Recorder

The Call Recorder Pico is a single line USB Call Recorder. It’s a powerful little hardware & software combination that connects your phone and your computer, allowing you to record phone calls automatically or manually. Together with the included Pico PC software and your PC you can easily record all your telephone calls. The recordings are …

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Aug 30

Nice Call Quality Monitoring

Call Quality Evaluation

NICE Perform includes an advanced Call Quality Monitoring Web-based portal that provides each user an on-line summarized, fully personalized view of the contact center’s main activities upon log-in to the system. Based on predefined privileges and personal needs, any user in the organization can decide what information will be accessed in the portal, and where …

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Aug 07

Vidicode Call Recorder records Microsoft Lync 2013

Call Recorder Apresa v4.0.2 come with the following – Recording of Microsoft Lync 2013, including encrypted calls. (Requires Apresa Lync Plugin on the server) – Recording of Alcatel VoIP – Recording of NEC SV8100 VoIP – Detection of ringing time for protocols based on SIP and H.323 – New permission: Edit user accounts: Allow a …

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Aug 07

Vidicode Call Recorder Apresa VoIP, TDM and Analogue

The Call Recorder Apresa is a scalable call recording solution for TDM , VoIP and/or Analogue lines. Developed around the concept that all functionality should be built in, the Apresa offers everything you can expect from a professional, affordable recording solution. Apresa is also available as a ‘Software only’ solution. Users and Administrators access the …

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Jul 09

Voice Recorder Storage Center Capacity & Network Bandwidth Calculation

Storage Capacity Calculating the required net storage capacity can be done using the following formula: Daily storage capacity = (“Average number of calls per day”) ´ (“Average call audio size”) The average call audio size can be calculated using the following formula: Average call audio size = (The audio compression in Kbytes/sec) ´ (Average call …

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Jun 25

NICE Perform Analytics Solution on CNBC

Benefits on Nice Perform Analytics solution shared on CNBC. Focus on emotion detection and word spotting technologies.   Click here to watch video.

Jun 12

DBS Launches Nice Interaction Analytics

Nice Interaction Analytics Key Benefits Reaped Since Implementation Improved Operation Efficiency 1. Improved of overall handling time by 5% or 16 sec per call lower performers archieving over 15% improvement with focused coaching on certain call types – saves about 107,000 hrs annually. 2.Reduction of unnecessary calls by 8% in 7 call types, amounting to …

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Jun 08

Sales Engineer Position

We have immediate vacancy for the position of Sales Engineer. The responsibility is to provide sales and technical advice, coordination work and customer support services to our clients. Requirement as follows; – Diploma in Electrical, Electronic or IT – Good communication skilll – PABX experience with own car will be added advantage Kindly send your …

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Jun 02

How to choose a voice recorder

It may not be easy for those who are tasked to choose a voice recorder for the first time. First you need to identify those phones that need recording, the quantity and the phone model. This is important because for extension side recording, the price will vary with the number of recorded phones. The voice …

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