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Jan 26

Feature Phone Also Records your Meetings or Dictation

The FeaturePhone 175 SD has a built-in highly sensitive microphone allowing the user not only to record telephone calls but also use the FeaturePhone 175 SD as meeting or desktop dictation recorder, if needed even with an optional desktop microphone. Click here for more information.        

Aug 05

Nice Recorders Media Encryption

An important aspect of a system’s security is the ability to prevent undesired parties from revealing data content, even when data access control is compromised and data falls into the wrong hands. Recognizing the need to provide advanced data protection, and in light of standards such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard and others, NICE …

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Jul 13

Single Channel VoIP Call Recorder

The Call Recorder VoIP brings Voice over IP recording technology within reach of even the smallest application. The Call Recorder VoIP can be used to record one IP phone on your desk or record multiple (up to 4) IP channels. This makes the Call Recorder VoIP the ideal solution for small to intermediate recording applications. …

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Apr 22

Nice Recording Express – Reliability counts

call centre voice recorder

The Nice Recording Express recording system is a reliable and future-proofed recording solution ideal for the small-to-midsize enterprise to capture, store, retrieve and play back voice, radio and data communications. It can be used in traditional or IP telephony environments to deliver high quality recordings for all applications including verification and compliance, dispute resolution, training and quality monitoring. The industry leading technology built …

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Mar 05

What are the business facing challenges today?

1. How can we ensure that our calls are recorded? 2. How can we use call recording to improve our service? 3. Can we install and maintain without high cost? 4. How can we ensure that we are PCI compliant? If you have any all these questions, Nice SMB is the answer. Please do not hesitate to contact …

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Sep 15

Recording of Soft phones

Vidicode’s Oygo Call Recording solution uses advanced technology to record from virtually any headset / Soft-Phone combination. Oygo automatically stores all recordings on your PC. The software displays the recording archive as searchable list. The recording properties like date and time of the recording are stored with the actual recording and can be viewed in …

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Jun 10

Voice Recorder Exhibition

Visit us at CommunicAsia 2014, 17-20th June 2014 @ Marina Bay Sands.

May 16

Nice Workforce Management

NICE IEX WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT 6.2 OVERVIEW For more than two decades NICE IEX Workforce Management (WFM) has led the market in product innovation by offering the most complete and configurable solution on the market; thereby, attracting the world’s largest community of exacting WFM professionals. NICE IEX WFM is further sought after because the solution engages employees across an …

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Apr 15

Nice Interaction Analytics

Every day, customer service departments handle thousands of interactions. Customers calling, emailing, chatting, tweeting and using their voice to express their needs, wishes, intentions and emotions. These customer interactions are a goldmine of insight, helping you get closer to the customers. Every interaction, happening over any communication channel is an opportunity for your business to …

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Oct 18

RDX Archiving for Recording Storage Solution


HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridges are removable hard disk drive (RHDD) based cartridges that combine the best features of disk and tape storage for recording solutions. HP RDX Removable Disk Cartridge are rugged, portable, removable, easy to implement and affordable. It is based on removable disk technology that handles and operates like traditional tape media, …

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