Are you thinking about using Microsoft Teams?

In recent years, Unified Communications Platforms like Microsoft Teams have enjoyed growing popularity among back office departments in trading firms, for their ability to support multi-channel communications in one unified platform. While total deployment across the organization has been limited due to the inability to record all communication modalities embedded in platforms like Teams, this has started to change. If your firm uses Microsoft Teams or has started investigating how to deploy it across the Enterprise, it’s important to ensure you have the right technology in place to record these communications.

Today, there are more regulations than ever around trade conversations, and this includes all types of communications such as voice, chat and video. As a result, you have to think carefully about how your firm will capture, archive and retain them. Regulations like Dodd Frank and MAR require trading communications to be recorded. MiFID II goes a step further, stipulating that ALL communications
that result in transactions (whether intended or not), across ALL modalities (PBXs, turrets, mobile phones, video, chat, email, unified communication platforms, etc.) must be recorded. If you’re struggling to find a better way to record Microsoft Teams and all of your trade-related communications, you can always contact us for a free consultation.

Extract from NICE System ebook.